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Pat Southall

1994 Miss Virginia USA
1994 Miss Virginia Teen USA


“It gives me great pleasure to write on behalf of Linda Stollings. I had the opportunity to train under her supervision for five months while preparing for the 1994 Miss USA Pageant. After the completion of my training, I was awarded the most points in the swimsuit competition and received the Janzen swimsuit award.

When I began training under Linda, I was unmotivated and slightly overweight and had not gone through a training program. I contribute my spiritual and mental preparation to Linda and found her to be highly motivating during all phases of development for the pageant. I participated in her classes in step aerobics, and aerobics, as well as benefited from her one on one resistance and weightlifting training.

While attending Linda’s classes, she instilled self confidence in all her students and she never complained about putting in the extra time or energy. She emphasized the importance of over all wellness, fitness and proper eating. During her presentations, she gave 110% by leading a challenging workout program.

I would have to describe Linda as spiritual, compassionate, highly motivating and energetic. I owe so much to her for the all around training concept she applied with me. I was not only physically prepared for the Miss USA pageant, but spiritually and mentally as well. I recommend her without a shadow of a doubt to present a training workshop at the lD.E.A. Convention. Please feel free to contact me if you need any further information.”



Miss Virginia USA 1996


Brenda Fincher

Bristol, TN

“I have trained with Linda since 1993. I had been working out on my own but was ready for some structure and guidance. I was also interested in adding weight training but had no experience.

After an initial consultation and discussion about my fitness goals, Linda created a workout plan for me. She balanced weight work out days with aerobic days so that I was never overwhelmed in time or effort. I exercise at home and she helped to choose the proper equipment. Periodically, Linda will adjust the workouts, check to make sure I’m performing them properly and is a constant source of inspiration!

Over the years, my goals, needs and available time have changed and she has kept my workouts fun, challenging and never boring. Because Linda keeps my weight training and aerobic workouts balanced and fresh, I have avoided burn out and have remained injury-free.

She has also been a great source of diet and nutrition information, which are crucial parts to staying healthy and fit, which is a priority in our family. Linda has helped and encouraged each of us — she is such a positive influence.

Staying fit has enabled me to participate in many activities with my family. Several years ago, I started running. Linda adjusted my workouts and helped me progress to the point that I could participate in races with my children, from 5K road races to a ½ marathon — we even competed as a team in a triathlon! I would never have attempted these goals without Linda’s guidance.

In the 15 years I have worked with Linda, I have met many fitness goals, have been able to do things with my children I never thought possible, and in the process found a great friend and mentor who has made a significant difference in my life. With her guidance and encouragement, I have been motivated to meet my fitness goals and have never been sidelined by an injury. As my goals have changed, Linda has made the adjustments. I am so grateful for all that Linda has done for my family and me and for her encouragement and support through all these years!!

Highest Regards,
Brenda Fincher

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