Corporate Injury Prevention

Benefits of fitPrescriptions LLC Injury Prevention Program

Injury Prevention Program at AEP

fitPrescriptions’ injury prevention program is designed to prevent soft tissue and musculoskeletal injuries.  Our Health coaches are the boots on the ground that train associates to be peer trainers for their coworkers. Our injury prevention program focuses on detecting muscle imbalances, postural deviations and weak muscles, which can lead to injury. Corrective exercises are recommended to improve body alignment, correct muscle imbalances, improve balance, and correct postural deviations.  Muscles are strengthened to protect the integrity of the joint, and flexibility exercises are recommended to increase the range of motion in each joint. We provide a comprehensive program that addresses the shoulders, low back, knees, wrists, hips and core, to stabilize strengthen, and stretch to prevent injuries.

  • Work related musculoskeletal disorder account for 34% of all reported workplace injuries and illnesses
  • This costs businesses more than $15-20 billion annually in workers compensation
  • But what does it cost you personally?

Our Injury Prevention Program consists of:


The Injury Prevention Program always begins with a dynamic warm-up

Benefits of the Dynamic Warm up

  • The Injury Prevention Program prepares the body for demands of the exercises by increasing core body temperature, improving range of motion (flexibility), and increasing blood flow to the big muscles that will be working during the resistance training exercises. Also a good idea to do after sitting for a period of time going to a job site that will require physical exertion. The risk of injury is greatly reduced when the muscles are warmed up and ready for action

Resistance Training Component

  • Strengthens the muscles around the joints to provide support for the joint and keep the integrity of the joint uncompromised.
  • Improved muscle strength and tone to protect the joint from injury
  • Improves strength of soft tissue, joint and ligaments
  • improved mobility and balance which can decrease the risk for slips, trips and falls
  • Improved stamina – as you grow stronger, you won’t get tired as easily
  • Addresses Muscle imbalances, which can lead to injury if not corrected
  • Targeted to specific joints that are impacted by sprains, stains and other soft tissue injuries
  • Enhances moral and team work
  • Off sets the common effects of aging like loss of muscle, agility, flexibility, stamina, spatial awareness and balance

Flexibility component

  • Increased physical efficiency and performance
  • Improved muscular balance and postural awareness
  • Greater elasticity of surrounding tissue when muscles and joints are more flexibility
  • Increased neuromuscular coordination- reaction time is improved
  • Increased joint synovial fluid-this brings nutrients to the joint
  • Increased Range of Motion – increasing range of motion decreases the resistance in various tissues, and one is less likely to incur injury by exceeding tissue extensibility

All of these components make up a well-rounded Injury Prevention program. One of the best benefits of this program is that it greatly enhances quality life, which translates outside of the job site to employees’ home life!!!


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